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    RUBBER LINE FI=6MM 1MB (150M) PROFIX 60956

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    Polypropylene braided fibers on twisted core.
     Supplied for sale on a full roll bobbin.
     We declare that the ropes with PROFIX codes: 60903, 60904, 60905, 60906, 60908, 60910, 60912, 60914, 60916, 60918, 60920 are for gardening and small household applications. These are not certified ropes, so they can not be used in any industry where it is possible to expose a man to the danger of being pulled.
     These ropes are not for lifting.
     These products do not fall within the scope of any New Approach directive and are subject to the EC marking requirement and are not subject to the obligation to issue the declaration of conformity.
     Application Restrictions:
    - 1. Do not use the rope to lift people and animals.
    - 2. Do not use rope climbing rope.
    - 3. Do not use the rope to tow vehicles.
     The ropes have been tested for the actual breaking force.