About us

MEGAAZ LLC is a leading supplying company of industrial products was founded on 2007 and started to operate on 2016 in Baku.

We become a one-stop shop for all industrial needs. Whenever you need high-quality parts on time and on budget, you can count on MEGAAZ LLC to deliver.

Our product range includes 500 000 products and we consider to increase our product range to 1 000 000 in future. We provide our customers 100% genuine industrial products. Our aim is to develop a long lasting trust based relationship with our customers by providing them high quality products at competitive prices. With an extensive range available in stock and our fast, reliable service and support, we make it easy for you to find and buy what you need. What's more, our convenient shop approach and competitive pricing ensures that you get the best value without having to shop around.

We specialize in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies.

MEGAAZ has a strong commitment to customer service.

As MEGAAZ LLC we are focused on making it easier to get the products you need, when you need them. Local personal service, by phone or online in multiple languages will help you get what you need fast.


Register for an MEGAAZ Online account to access a host of additional features that streamline your sourcing and purchasing processes. Your free account allows you to:

  • View your order history, order status and reorder products from your order history
  • Track parcels as they're dispatched and delivered
  • Receive updates on the latest products, technologies and promotions

Count on our guarantee

  • We guarantee confidentiality of personal information of the clients
  • Guaranteed payment insurance
  • Guaranteed Shipment
  • Fast access to the latest technology

Our Team